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$20 million in aid to farmers to reduce fertilizer runoff announced in Ohio

March 18, 2019
By The Toledo Blade

The state announced programs to help northwest Ohio farmers plant year-round vegetation, buy equipment, test soil, and build storage facilities to reduce erosion and fertilizer runoff that feeds chronic algal growth on Lake Erie.

The law, dubbed the Clean Lake 2020 Plan, earmarks:

  • $20 million in grants and loans to farmers to help them improve their practices.
  • $10 million to research alternative uses for dredged sediment.
  • $3.5 million for soil and water conservation districts in the western basin.
  • $2.65 million to the Ohio State Sea Grant and Stone Lab to research and monitor phosphorus loading, harmful algal growth, and toxicity levels.

Of the $20 million dedicated to farmers to help them improve their practices, $4.5 million will be set aside for the Cost Share and Equipment Buy Down Program to help farmers upgrade technology, buy equipment, and build structures such as manure storage and drainage facilities. The new programs will be administered through local soil and water conservation districts. | READ MORE